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Gary Brevko has an extensive background in sales and marketing for several world-class companies such as Komatsu America and Ingersoll-Rand, providing capital equipment for some of the largest construction and transportation projects in the United States. While working with clients on those major real estate projects, Gary began studying the potential of investing in real estate and started buying foreclosed property. Gary is a full time real estate investor and lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Seven years ago he formed a system of buying EQUITY RICH FORECLOSURE PROPERTY. Gary focuses on finding equity rich real estate. His company has followed over 25,000 properties through the foreclosure process, individuals facing foreclosure are very motivated and don’t have time to sell by traditional methods. To find the very best deals, he buys all types of property in all stages of foreclosure.

The KEY to his success is the way he finances property. He funds almost all acquisitions with PRIVATE MONEY. When you utilize OPM (other people’s money), you will have instant profits when you buy. He avoids traditional finance methods which require down payments, closing costs, and rehab expenses that create a huge cash flow problem.

Gary says “Win big when you invest in foreclosures and win bigger when you fund them with private lenders. With my business model I don’t have to purchase 10-15 properties per month to make a great living. That’s a lot of work and most people can’t find that many good deals a month. I prefer to purchase the best 3-4 that I can find with large equity spreads of 30%-40% after repairs are completed. I finance the deal with private money which means NO MONEY OUT OF POCKET and I GET PAID WHEN I BUY. Yes, with Private Money, I get a check at closing.

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