Peter Conti

Peter Conti

Peter Conti

Peter Conti began his professional life as an auto mechanic simply because that’s what he had always been good at. He comes from a family of seven children, so he wasn’t expected to achieve much of anything. For many years he bought into the role that his family had assigned him. However, even through the most difficult times in his life, there was a part of Peter that hungered for more. For the extent of time he spent working for $5.00 an hour as a mechanic, he paid close attention to the professional behavior of successful individuals; he wanted to know what they were doing. Time and time again Peter heard stories about people who despite humble beginnings were able to generate great wealth in real estate.

Peter believes that sometimes things need to get so bad that you can’t find a way out to serve as a catalyst for change. Each person needs to make their own way out rather than wait for it to happen. For Peter, this point came while he was working at an auto repair shop. It was winter and the owner had the heat turned low because he was trying to save money. The weather was so frigid that his fingers were so numb that he could barely manage to work.

At one point, he was so cold that he went into the waiting room to get a hot cup of coffee to warm him up. He was reprimanded by the foreman and made to feel two inches tall. He was told that the coffee was for customers only. As terrible as that felt it was a great moment of inspiration. Peter decided right then that he was never going to be dependent on someone else to provide for his livelihood. He never wanted anyone to have that kind of command over his financial existence. If things had not hit bottom, he would have never seen or taken the opportunity to make things better.

Peter had always known that real estate was a great way to create both wealth and financial freedom. So he took the initiative and leapt into his investing career. Initially he scrimped and saved and bought every property he could get his hands on. While making the purchases he spent an ample amount of time studying every book and tape program he could locate. He went to every seminar he could afford and continuously invested in his foundation of real estate knowledge. Every technique and strategy he learned, he applied to his investment policy, which paid him back a thousand times over.

Peter’s first fixer-upper property was a broken down three bedroom single family residence in a working class neighborhood. The windows were all shattered, and the roof leaked so profusely that the kitchen ceiling collapsed. He managed to grab it up for very little and even worked it out so that the owner would carry the financing.

After he sat down and added up all of the predicted costs for repairs he expected the house would need, he became frightened. What if he couldn’t make more on his return than the repairs would cost? The property needed a tremendous amount of work! In the end Peter made a mistake by selling to another investor for $1,500. Initially he felt good about his decision until he learned that the buyer made approximately $30,000 on the deal. His problem in the situation was that he could not admit that he needed help He could have found someone with more experience to assist in the repairs and their financing. Even if he had negotiated half of the profits in exchange for a mentor’s expertise and guidance, Peter would have made $15,000. Soon Peter had a different problem involving his real estate portfolio; it grew to be too large. He began to realize that with each new property, came additional tribulations and responsibilities.

It wasn’t long before Peter moved from practicing as a real estate investor to a property manager. The problem was that he was so caught up in the day-to-day management of his properties that he had no time to dedicate to finding and purchasing new properties. Even after he had to resort to hiring other workers to handle the repairs, Peter still spent most of his time overseeing their work and dealing with tenants.

Peter knew that there had to be a better way to invest in real estate. He spent the next several years looking for a superior technique for investing and fine-tuning his means of making profits. He turned the results into a program for others to use and benefit from. The system was born out of frustration with traditional real estate methods. It was dubbed, Purchase Option investing.

The Purchase Option system has done away with the need to deal with tenants and toilets. You’ll even be able to work the system part-time and still make big money. You’ll discover, as many of his students have, that not only will they be making more money, but they’ll be creating a lifestyle where they have the freedom to spend time with family doing the things you’ve always wanted to do.

Peter developed the program so that he could get the most out of life. He wanted the ability to enjoy spending time with his family and deciding his own financial fate. He no longer has to answer to an alarm clock, rush hour traffic or overbearing, inconsiderate bosses. Now he has the time to go after his dreams and make each one a reality. He wants each person who uses his program to reap the same rewards. He has helped thousands of people learn to create wealth through real estate.


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